Photo by TVG
Photo by TVG

Born in London England at a pivotal turn point in music history, Eliza DeAngeles is the offspring to a Sunset Strip Rock n’ Roll booking agent, as well as having the honour of sharing the same birthday as her grandmother Elizabeth.

Growing up, Eliza & her sisters were privy to the countless tales of their mothers involvement in getting getting bands to play the Whiskey-A-Go-Go during the 60’s and 70’s. Her upbringing also involved being exposed to a wide variety of music… from Rock to Motown, Tchaikovsky to Miles Davis, Country to Pop… and her mothers fondness for the piano and guitar.

All of this heavily influenced Eliza’s passion for music, which oddly enough, she claims “Hotel California” as an early influence… “It was the Eagles that first brought any kind of emotion to me. It’s engrained in me because that song was from one of the albums my mum used to play alot, when we would go visit my father”.

While in her teens, it was her older sister that took the stage first, as part of an R&B group, which prompted her aspirations to make her move into the music world. That, and probably the release of a little known album titled ‘Jagged Little Pill’ by a virtual unknown singer named Alanis Morissette, may have fueled something even deeper.

“She really went for it. She had alot to say, and really deep… aggressively. And I kinda always felt that in music, there was this Level you weren’t supposed to cross…but she crossed it, and I felt she gave me the drive to do what I want in music”.

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Besides Morissete, Eliza lists Tracy Chapman as a major influence “It’s the simplicity in her, and how powerful the simple things she says are”. Adam Levine from Maroon 5 is also an influence, as well as Bob Marley “I love music where people have something constructive to say. He always had something… he’s uplifiting. You could jam to it, and it wasn’t too heavy. Music with a message. Music with a Positive Affirmation. Music with a heartfelt spin.  Real earthy roots music… that’s what I like”.

Moving from London to the U.S. left Eliza with a decision: Nashville or Los Angeles?

Most of her early writing had been written in an Acoustic Folk genre at the time… “That was due to the influence of emotions that was going on… of how i felt… a very dark & broken time, which reflects in the first album”. Yet, as a songwriter, her love & desire for words and music has spilled into several genres. Making Los Angeles her home, allowed her this opportunity to become ‘flexible’ in her songwriting, for her and for other artists. “I think that’s where being British comes in as well, because I have a very vast vocabulary.  London’s a melting pot. The cultures are vast, and so is the music”.

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Up until now, Eliza’s songwriting has been passionately flexible, from her early acoustic folk, to rock, pop and hip-hop. Assembling the short-lived All-Female Rock Quartet “Suicide Sirens” garnered her an even wider audience for her lyrics, topics and vocal abilities.

Currently, Eliza has been eyeing & appraising the Blues arena for her upcoming musical endeavor. “I feel like i’m alot more confident musically now. I’m gonna test myself a little bit more in this new year. I’m gonna push my vocals a little bit more, and push my abilities a little bit deeper, because that’s where I’m at in my life”.

And as for her Voice, it has matured in a raw & natural fashion.  The years of combining the elements that spurred her passion early on, now displays self-assuredness, as she fine tunes her skills to take on 2012 with a whole new sound, complete with a new perspective and set of emotions.